Path Editing Tool

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Path Editing Tool

A simple tool to modify paths.

Add, edit or delete an unlimited number of vertices.

This tool does not upload any data anywhere. Your map settings are saved in a cookie, but you can disable that too.

1. Upload


or add it directly

2. Edit
  • Drag vertices along the map to the correct position.
  • Drag the translucent vertex between two existing opaque vertices to create a new one
  • Left click on a vertex you want to remove.
  • Draw a shape to remove vertices in bulk
    • Right click to begin drawing the shape
    • Right click a second time to confirm the size of the shape
    • Left click inside the shape to remove half of the vertices contained in the shape's bounds. Repeat as many times as needed
    • Right click a third time to delete the shape
3. Download

Export the freshly edited polyline in your preferred format